Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Why on Earth did I start another f@%&ing Blog?(!)

My therapist talked me into it. So, I'll start at the beginning. (Any refrains from "Sound Of Music" cheerfully declined and returned with "the bird" and a Bronx cheer.) I'm an aging Hippie with a penchant for  Mid Century Modern design, cheesy Lounge Music, Grateful Dead, The Beatles and the only person on earth that enjoyed Pink Floyd's "Atom Heart Mother". At any given moment you can find me mixing a killer Tom Collins or making Indian food, performing my Felix Unger impersonation around the house, working a slave job, or snapping photos of random boring subjects.
Now that I've cleared the sticky hurdle of introducing myself, let's get on to more interesting stuff. Shall we?


  1. Many thanks Mr. Modtomic!
    I was kind of worried that nobody would actually tune into the Blog. Makes it sort of an exercise in...erm..."self pleasuring" if it just hangs in cyberspace.

  2. We mid-century mavens, both young and old, are out here reading, so keep sharing the pleasure.

  3. Thanks Dana!
    There will be an emphasis on MCM, with the occasional tangent, drunken rants, complaints about the crappy weather in Northern New Mexico, right wing talk show hosts, etc.
    Glad to see a few people enjoy it.
    Heck, my relatives haven't even bothered to visit.

  4. The only thing worse than a rash of comments could only be a stash of moments. I somehow look forward to looking backward with you, Bobbo..........
    Your friend in the void, Timmy

  5. Thanks Timmy!
    I'd like to think of my Blog as the ultimate example of what Johnny Rotten once called a "cheap holiday on other people's misery".
    With any luck, Mr. Lydon would be proud.

  6. What's life without a little schadenfreude?