Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hey Kids! Let's Make A Snowman And Kick His A$$!

Winter has hit Northern New Mexico like the proverbial bomb this week.A storm warning has been in effect from Midnight on Tuesday and will continue until Friday, so sayeth the National Weather Service.            Snow, wind, drifts, misery, Rez drunks falling down in it. All the fun of a Currier & Ives scene from Hell.     So, enjoy this delightful shot of the gallon bucket I left on my back porch. Lo siento... I mean join me in my abject misery.     ADDENDUM: Just went out to take my Dog for a poopy stroll. The drifts along with what's still falling out of the sky has raised the total on the hill where I live  to 18". Fun, eh? I called in to work. That wasn't even after I watched the sledding kid across the street fall on his face. Of all the times I could have put the video camera to good use. Dammit!                                                           


  1. Take advantage of the wonderful weather & go trudgin' across the tundra! Mile after mile. (oh, and keep a high powered rifle strapped around your shoulder, ya nevah know...)

  2. I changed my mind about how awful this weather is when I saw all those delicious looking lemon snow cones around town.
    How thoughtful of everyone to leave them out for me. Yum!