Thursday, December 30, 2010

Time To (Republican) Party LIke It's 1974

Though I risk my (shady) rep in having people think this is a mug Blog, I had to post this baby. For those who weren't around during the Ford administration, I'll explain. First he was Nixon's V.P., rose up the chain of command to President after the last disbelieving American finally had to admit that Tricky Dick was indeed a crook and was booted out of office. Then he pardoned Nixon, got hexed and spent the rest of his term as an ineffectual stumblebum place holder before Jimmy Carter's ride to the Oval Office.
Here's a fascinating fact about guys named Jerry. They make great musicians: Garcia , Jerry Lee Lewis, Jerry Vale..(Uhhh. Maybe not that last one) but they're downright lousy politicians: Ford, Brown, Falwell, etc.
About the only things Ford is remembered for these days is hitting golf balls at people, falling down a lot and WIN buttons.  When George Harrison visited the White House, he was gifted with one of these and gave Jer an OM badge in return. I can only imagine what the President thought of that. "3-s?  What the heck?  Super Sonic Sound? Salty Sausage Sandwiches? I'm confused...again!"   Well, little did I know, until I found this languishing in a thrift shop, that there were WIN coffee mugs too..
So as a tribute to the late President and his far better known Widow, who's name escapes me at the moment, I think I'll schlurp massive amounts of Bacardi 151 spiked Egg Nog from this mug on New Year's Eve. Wake me when the world ends in 2012.

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