Monday, April 2, 2012

Death Has No Mercy

It's been over a year since I've "blogged", so I should have oodles of news by now.
I do, but little of it is good.
Rainbow Sugaree, my beloved assistance Dog passed away on leap day 2012. The same date that Monkee Davy Jones went to the great by and by. I always felt some synergy with Davy. A short northern gent who wanted to be a real musician but found himself banging a tambourine. (I play a wicked Cowbell!)
I now have a new assistance pup. I named her Sugar Magnolia, but Maggie for short, paid for by my Psychiatrist  and she has provided much joy and  a huge number of frustrations, given the fact that she still has little idea of where she should leave her water or detritus. Helping her to do so correctly has given me some sort of a self-esteem boost, but it does diminish whenever she has an accident. I still suck the Cumberlands there.
Little else to say, I'll kid myself and you by saying "the best is yet to come"
It surely isn't and you won't be fooled.
I have far too much respect for you to even assume.

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  1. Welcome to the working week, mate. Sing along with me, Bobbo... "Picture yourself on a boat down the riber..." ... "Where rocking horses asses get spanked by the sun..."