Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011...So Far ,It's Rotten

Deadly Twisters in the Mid-West, a flood in Australia, Church bombings in Nigeria and Egypt, make what I'm going through at the moment seem seriously trivial, but nobody should have to nonetheless.  Saturday morning when I woke up, the usual routine of washing my hands, starting a cup of Tea and filling  Rainbow's water bowl was interrupted by a little glitch. Nothing came out of the tap.. That bill is covered by the rent, so here's a problem for either maintenance or public works to tackle. Right? Well apparently not. Numerous calls to both have resulted in zippity doo. So, here I sit, in an apartment that has all the amenities of a cardboard box in Mumbai. Haven't been able to wash dishes, cook anything or shower.  My trip to work on Saturday morning was unbelievable fun. Unwashed, P.O.ed and hating the world in general, I managed to fall flat on my face, right in the middle of a crosswalk through a busy intersection that our imbecilic road department did a lousy job of de-icing.  Then there were the steady streams of completely obnoxious customers once I managed to drag myself  through the BACK door. (Someone graciously forgot to open the front.)   My shift ended a little early when a wildly indignant patron decided to lecture me when I pushed a chair closer to one of the restaurant tables. His take on it was that he had attended a class where they taught him, he claimed and I'm not making this up: "The kilobytes of sound produced by moving a chair can seriously damage  the earlobes."  That was about all I could handle for the day. Clocked out, walked out and trudged home. I had already suffered six hours of similar crap and couldn't stomach one  more.   A hot bath and a stiff drink would have made me feel a lot better afterward. That's if I could actually find some water to fill the tub.


  1. I hear ya Bob. We've greeted the new year with news that our sick kitter cat will not be getting better and we will likely be putting him down within a week. Suck.

  2. So far so good here. I have plenty of water and no sick animals, but I fear my daughter is about to get similar news about her 13-year-old cat, which we bottle-fed as a kitten. I'm really dreading that.

  3. Bobbo, so many things here to address. I can't begin to express the emotions spewing forth from my decayed aorta, regarding Mumbai... 'Tis truly a tragedy. As far as the icy slip on the public street, here's where your rainbow begins: If they indeed have lawyers in your wretched neck of the woods, I'm sure you can settle for thousands! Now, about that patron, I say his quote should not be taken without heed. This is much prolific advice, them kilobytes add up, ya know. Keep a chin up for now & remember, if you can't be good, be bad! PS ~ I boiled a pot for tea, come on by anytime...